Image by  TKL Photography LLC , All Rights Reserved

Image by TKL Photography LLC, All Rights Reserved

I want first and foremost to congratulate you on your engagement. It will be our joy and honor to accompany you as you prepare for this wonderful sacrament.

God's act of creation gives the matrimonial covenant its force and beauty. A marriage is established by the irrevocable consent of both spouses, freely giving themselves to one another and accepting the other as the gift they are. Having been created in the image of God, their marriage is a means by which a couple participate in the love and creativity of God (1).

As the creation of a covenant and because of its permanence, marriage calls for a very serious process of preparation.  To allow for this, couples should call at least six months before the date that they wish to hold their wedding.

I very much look forward to helping you prepare for the life that you have chosen with one another. You can reach me at 315-252-7261 or (please CC our secretary

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Tim

Image by  TKL Photography LLC , All Rights Reserved

Image by TKL Photography LLC, All Rights Reserved

Links and Documents

Wedding Policies  for St. Alphonsus

Prenuptial Witness Affidavit - Freedom to Marry Form. The Bride and Groom Each need two witnesses. This form is also included as Appendix A in the Wedding Policies.

Freedom to Marry Form in PDF

Permission from your pastor to be married at St. Alphonsus - needed by either of the couple if they reside in a parish other than St. Alphonsus. This form is also included as Appendix B in the Wedding Policies.

Permission from Pastor in Word

Permission from Pastor in PDF

Pre-Cana Schedule for the Diocese of Rochester. (this link will take you away from St. Alphonsus' site) Note that Auburn's next Pre-Cana is scheduled for Saturday, April 13, 2019. Please register as soon as possible.

Also note that St. Alphonsus reserves the Online Pre-Cana option for only the most extreme situations: for example, when a couple are in separate geographies because one or both are serving in the armed forces and will not be together again before the wedding.

Pre-Cana schedule for Diocese of Syracuse. (this link will take you away from St. Alphonsus' site)

The calendar to the right will show the dates of upcoming Pre-Cana sessions. Click on a date and the information for that session will appear below the calendar.

These steps include:

  • Meetings with the pastor

  • Participation in a one-day marriage seminar called Pre-Cana: usually on a Saturday and led by a team of married couples who share their insights into the many different aspects of marriage. A reservation should be made for a Pre-Cana class in either the Diocese of Rochester or Syracuse as soon as possible. (see the links below)

  • Participation in a communication survey called Fully Engaged which consists of completing an online survey and then reviewing the feedback with the pastor.

  • You will also receive a booklet which will help you prepare and personalize your Wedding Ceremony.


Image by  TKL Photography LLC , All Rights Reserved

Image by TKL Photography LLC, All Rights Reserved


Wedding Fee Tracker. A simple receipt to keep track of when payments are due and which payments you have made. Payments are explained in detail in our Wedding Policies. This form is also included as Appendix C in the Wedding Policies.

Wedding Fee Tracker in Word

Wedding Fee Tracker in PDF

Wedding Rehearsal Agenda. When the couple meets with the pastor to plan the ceremony itself, they should fill out this form as fully as possible and bring it to that meeting. They can complete the form with the assistance of the pastor. This form is included in the wedding policies as an appendix.

Wedding Rehearsal Agenda in PDF

Fully Engaged Instructions. These instructions will get you going for the Fully Engaged process. You will receive additional instructions when you go online.

Fully Engaged Instructions in Word

Fully Engaged Instructions in PDF

(1) Order of Celebrating Matrimony, Introduction, Catholic Book Publishing Corp., New Jersey, (c) 2016. Page 11. This beautiful commentary and explanation of marriage can be found in it's entirety here.