finance council

Pastoral Council

The Finance Council of St. Alphonsus has a wide range of responsibility.  It works as a collective body to advise the pastor on the financial matters of the parish and work according to the laws and policies both civil and diocesan. The Finance Council also develops and enlivens a number of sub-committees such as: Audit, Budget, and Development.

The Finance Council meets quarterly. Discernment of new members happens each spring and terms are for five years. The full diocesan policies can be read here: Finance Council Policies

Because the parish is a community of the Christian faithful, it is essential that the parish structures serve the community in carrying out the mission of the Church: to proclaim the Gospel, to form community, to worship and to serve especially those in need.  

St. Alphonsus’ Parish Council is the driving force of this mission. They work to advise the pastor, develop a statement of mission and a vision of how the parish can enter more deeply into this mission. 

Discernment of new members happens each spring and terms are for three years. The full diocesan policies can be read here: Parish Council Policies


Parish Life

Building and Grounds

This team comprises a group of industrial-minded individuals, ranging from Engineers to Do-It-Yourself parishioners. B & G meets regularly to plan for routine and unexpected maintenance tasks. The group also takes hands-on initiative in various repair and improvement projects throughout the parish campus. 

Coordinate, plan, and run church events at St. Alphonsus! This team is the backbone of social events throughout the parish. They coordinate meals, snacks and entertainment for a variety of community events. Parish Life Team also takes the lead in decorating the church for Lent, Advent and Holy Days. Parish Life also hosts our annual Garage Sale. 


Prayer & worship

This team reviews, plans and sets in motion the Liturgy of our worship services. Holy Days and special celebrations are outlined, enhanced and coordinated throughout the year. This ministry brings the individual closer to God through a better understanding of the Sacrifice of the Mass and multiple aspects of Catholic veneration of God. 

Life-long faith formation

This group supports the religious education of parishioners from the cradle to the grave. Religious education events from Children's Liturgy of the Word to Adult Bible Study is organized by this team. Our quarterly Health Clinics that are held to maintain ourselves in God's image are also brought to us by the LLFF team. 


Pastoral Care

This team brings together prayerfulness, deep faith in the Eucharist and strong empathy to support the process of organizing various ministries and events. A branch of this group visits the sick, homebound and those in care facilities. The group develops ways to respond to families dealing with illness and tragedy. The group also creates the parish response for a family’s celebration of milestones as well as welcoming new parishioners to St. Alphonsus.

Mothers with Young Children

This company of mothers meets at various locations throughout the year. The get-togethers give children a chance to play together and Moms the chance to socialize. There's also a book club for a more “relaxed” atmosphere.

teen media team

This collection of adolescents does what they love by supporting parish community awareness through photography, film, creative writing and social media.


CHildren's crafting ministry

This troop provides wholesome lessons to children through various foundations in areas of creativity. The all-age collection maintains our bulletin boards, provides children’s projects during coffee hour and is creating a children’s garden on the parish grounds this summer!

choir/contemporary music group

These two units provide musical backing and entertainment for Masses and various social events. The traditional choir is active at 10 AM Masses on Sundays. The Contemporary Music Group is preparing to play for our 5pm Masses.